Unleash the Leader Within

This is Harleen’s signature workshop where she addresses the millenials, aspiring leaders and talks about building emotional resilience, making conscious choices and the importance of having a growth mindset. Through her storytelling, she has already inspired and empowered the youth she has engaged with, to take action towards their dream life.

High Vibes Coach High Vibes Coach High Vibes Coach

Book Harleen for your next Event?

Whether it's about Leadership, Building Emotional Resilience, Physical Intelligence , Work-Life Harmony for working women, Rejuvenating your mind, body and soul, or Improving Productivity at work/life, Harleen can create a tailor made workshop for you or your organization.

Get in touch providing details of the event including dates, event size, location, length of talk and speaker budget at info@highvibescoach.com and her team will respond as soon as possible.

Harleenn is based in London and she is happy to organise seminars internationally too.

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